Painterbabu (a venture by Arway Global Services) Terms & Conditions

Painterbabu (hereinafter referred as 'the company") provides a hassle free solution for painting houses, which is much faster, cleaner and better than traditional painting. The painting work is carried out by trained painters with special equipment, which are deployed based on the painting conditions and specific requirements at the site. The combination of skill, specific equipment and superior wall coating products from the house of Lewis Berger provides a unique experience of peaceful painting of homes.

The solution offered by Painterbabu includes painting advisory comprising the requirement of the area of the house to be painted, evaluation of the surface to be painted and recommendation of a suitable painting system, providing of a preliminary estimate and introduction of a own trained painting team to the customer.

A painting work comprises surface preparation, application of primers or priming and application of finish coats. While we trained contractors are sufficiently trained to carry out the required task, the quality also depends on the quality of the wall, the brickwork, the mortar and the cement used, presence of moisture, pollutants, salt petre, etc. For example, if there is seepage of water from any source, a painting work will never be successful. While Berger representatives and contractors will make all reasonable efforts to inspect these issues before commencing any work, it is desirable that the customers also independently carry out an assessment, since all the aspects may not be visible or apparent at the time of inspection. Berger does not provide any masonry or plumbing related services and neither has it trained its contractors in these aspects. It is always advisable for the customers to satisfy themselves in this regard before any painting work.

The painting team is Painterbabu’s own team takes up assignments referred by the Company. The Company specifically states that provision of painting services is subject to contract between the customers and the company. The Company supplies paint through its authorised dealers and provides training and completion of the said painting worky.

In case a contract is finalized between the company and the customer, based on market rates, the Company’s services may include the following depending on scope of the job:
Covering furniture and taping parts which are liable to get affected;
Scraping of walls; (if required)
Mixing of putty and textured coatings, if required;
Application of paints;
Providing desired finish; and (as per wall condition)
Post painting clean-up

During the course of the job, the team may, as per scope of the job and wherever required, utilize automatic tools such as multi-mixers, handheld sanders, auto rollers, etc. for the purpose of fast and trouble free execution of the work. There may be instances where application of one or more of such equipment is not required.

This service is solely provided by the Company to experient customers for availing a hassle free solution for painting houses, which is much faster, cleaner and better. By viewing, using the services available on this platform and carrying out transaction with the Company, you fully agree to the terms and conditions set herein.

The Company provides the services through a number of trained painting team throughout India. Every city has its own terms and conditions. By transacting business with usr after viewing information on our website or call center, you fully agree and undertake to follow their terms and conditions.

Once a Customer provides his/her contact details on our website or call centre, the Company's representative may coordinate through phone, sms, notifications, emails or other communications to schedule a time for the Contractor to attend to the Customer's request. The Customer must notify the Company immediately if he/she decides to cancel the request, preferably by phone/email. By providing your contact details, you hereby agree and accept that any solicitation from the Company's end in this respect shall not be considered as "unsolicited commercial communication" as defined in the Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations, 2010 and/or any amendments thereto.

  • Painterbabu provides 3 months guarantee on its service
  • The colour selection will be done by the customer and in case of change in colour the customer will have to bear the cost of the new colour paint. The actual colour may vary from the shade card.
  • The quality mentioned in the box of the material is 100% genuine as it comes from manufacturer.
  • The Customer is bind with us for the said assignment until we finish the work , he will not hand over the assignment to any other painter/contractor/company until Painterbabu cancels .
  • On completion the customer is bind to make full payment given on the quotation

The quality of the finished work may vary due to the surface (wall/floor/wood/ceiling) condition and the no. of coats mentioned, fever no. of coats will have lesser quality finished wall it will be on customer’s responsibility


For any queries/assistance, kindly contact our Consumer Relations Manager at 963 000 9838 or send an email to [email protected]