Painterbabu (a venture by Arway Global Services) Refund Policy

Painterbabu (hereinafter referred as 'company") provides a hassle free solution for painting houses, which is much faster, cleaner and better than traditional painting. The painting work is carried out by trained painters

Company does not bear responsibility for refund of any advance made by the customer.

In case after paying advance by the customer,the company does not start the work on given time, the company will be liable to make refund within 07 days. (in case of debit, credit card, wallet etc. it may vary subject to bank’s condition)

My payment failed but money is debited on my account
In case of a failed payment made by payment gateway, our gateway hit the bank servers at regular intervals. We suggest that you wait for 7 days for a possible change in payment status. However, If it has been more than 7 days since the transaction and you have not received a refund or communication regarding your payment status, we suggest that you contact your bank and your bank should be able to assist you in the retrieval of the funds. You may submit your bank statement as proof for the debit, stating 'Money has been debited from my account and I have not received services/product and have not got a refund'.

Please note this can be done only by the customer as the bank takes the request only by the account holder

In case of postponement of the service by the customer the company will keep the payment made by the customer till next schedule decided by the customer and will deliver the service.

If applicable, Painterbabu (a venture by Arway Global Services) reserve the right to hold the refund payment until we receive a written letter signed by the customer.

The present Refund policy is part of the Painterbabu terms & conditions.